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Don't forget to activate the PLUS features!!! By associating your Messenger Tigo account to your Tigo cellphone number, you can activate the PLUS features which give you the following benefits:

  • Group messages to send messages to a group all at once.
  • Programmed messages to send individual or group messages on a specific time and date.
  • Use of Messenger Tigo as the only instant messaging program to centralize your MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ and AOL contact lists.

If you didn't do it during sign-up, go to the menu Settings and click on Activate PLUS. A window will pop-up where you can select the prefix of your cell phone and enter your number. Then, accept the changes.

You'll receive a message with an activation code. Enter this code in the PLUS activation window. Accept, relog on to Messenger Tigo and enjoy the PLUS features.